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Mattel Voltron Sdcc 2011 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Action Figure Blazing Sword Voltron

Sdcc 2011 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive


Model: W2919
UPS: 746775043391
Package Quantity: 1

Wonderful to play super heroes with Sdcc 2011 San Diego ! Model Number W2919. I think you will like that the product has got this feature, voltron from the classic animated tv series! voltron- defender of the universe!. Other features include ages 13 and up. It's 7" Height x 4" Length x 4" Width and weighs just about 1.65 lbs. We would like you to get the best price when selecting a toy.

Check out the first ever Voltron action figure from Mattel! Comes complete with a translucent sword so you can"Form Blazing Sword!"Completely authentic towards the original series, he â € TMs the most poseable Voltron figure but with more than 22 points of articulation!


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