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SDF-1 Macross [1/3000 Scale]

SDF1 Macross
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Here is Yamato's 1/3000 version inside the Kazutaka Miyatak-designed Super Dimension Fortress, or SDF-1! It's depending on the information utilised for Yamato's masterpiece (and genuinely limited! In this grand scale, the SDF-1 measures a monstrous 40cm (15.) 1/2000 SDF-1 Prototype Replica kit--and best of all, Yamato has created this SDF-1 to develop to be loaded with gimmicks galore and to be transformable! That's right--this SDF-1 can modify from its Force Mode to its Robot Mode! Made of ABS, POM, and die-cast alloy, this epic toy truly does justice towards the awesome sense of hugeness and mechanical detail inside the SDF-1! 74 inches) in length.


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