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Robotech Masterpiece Vol. 3: VF-1S Roy Fokker

Robotech Masterpiece Vol 3 VF1S Roy


UPS: 816355002930

Good fun to play superheroes along with Robotech Masterpiece manufactured by Toynami. One of the several major features for this toy is the these high-quality, ultra-detailed transformable veritechs offer the ultimate re-creation of the famed robotech fighters. I would like for you to get the best price when purchasing a Robotech toy.

Toynami is pleased to announce that 1 of our most popular and most very requested Robotech items is now once more available! Long sold out from the original production run, Toynami answers popular demand and once once more offers amongst probably probably probably the most well-known Robotech collectibles ever created. o Fully transformable into three modes: Fighter, Guardian and Battloid o Die-cast metal and plastic construction o Opening cockpit hatch with removable ladder o Retractable landing gear with authentic rubber tires


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