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Robotech Masterpiece Collection Volume 2 VF1A Ben Dixon

Robotech Masterpiece Collection Volume
Robotech Masterpiece Collection Volume 2 VF1A Ben Dixon Image 1


To begin with, consider that you may get an incredible gift for kids without having to spend an arm and a leg Brand new Robotech Masterpiece , add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

The second volume in Toynamis Robotech Masterpiece Collection is here! The VF1A is packaged in a bookstyle collectors box with magnetic clasp and sliding tray, allowing you to take away your Veritech for display or return it to the book for storage. Constructed from diecast metal and sturdy plastic, Bens VF1A delivers a wealth of features and details from top to bottom, from the functional LED light inside the Veritechs eye visor towards the real rubber tires on the landing gear. Be sure to upgrade this Veritech to a Super Valkyrie with the Appendix A armor set! The opening cockpit with removable pilot even has a detachable access ladder. At 155 scale, the VF1A completely transforms from Battloid to Guardian to Fighter. Limited to 15,000, and comes getting a Certificate of Authenticity.


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