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Robotech Masterpiece Collection - Volume 1: Rick Hunter's VF-1J

Robotech Masterpiece Collection


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Robotech Masterpiece Collection made by Toynami has to be your children's ultimate brand new superhero toy. Among the key features for this toy is the fully transformable into three modes: fighter, guardian and battloid. Other features include die-cast metal and plastic construction and masterpiece robotech rick hunter, add to cart by clicking the hyperlink below.

The wait is over! Be sure to upgrade this Veritech to a Super Valkyrie with an Appendix A armor set! The opening cockpit with removable pilot even attributes a detachable access ladder. Toynami is proud to provide the first volume in the long-awaited ROBOTECH MASTERPIECE COLLECTION. Don't miss out on the ultimate in Robotech collectibles! Each volume in the MASTERPIECE COLLECTION is restricted to 15,000, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Pick yours up today! The VF-1J is packaged in a book-style collector's box with magnetic clasp and sliding tray, permitting you to remove your Veritech for display or return it to the"book"for storage. Constructed from die-cast metal and sturdy plastic, Rick's VF-1J provides a wealth of features and details from top to bottom, from the functional LED light inside the Veritech's eye visor to the true rubber tires on the landing gear.!! This piece is smoking hot and they are sold out everywhere! At 1/55 scale, the VF-1J completely transforms from Battloid to Guardian to Fighter.


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