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Toynami Robotech Maia Shadow Alpha Fighter Mpc

Robotech Maia Shadow Alpha Fighter Mpc


Model: 3180
UPS: 816355003906
Package Quantity: 1

Robotech Maia Shadow from Toynami is definitely a blast to play with. I definitely loved that the toy has fully transformable into three modes: fighter, guardian and battloid. Other features include die-cast metal and plastic construction. The manufacturer's number for this fantastic product is TONA3180. The Robotech toy dimensions are 12"H x 10"L x 6"W and it weighs something like 2.8 lbs. I would like for you to get the best price when selecting a toy. Please, check out the buyers market link.

The Robotech Masterpiece Collection returns with this all-new series based on the new film, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles! These high-quality, ultra-detailed transformable Veritechs offer you an authentic re-creation of the Alpha Fighter, the next generation of Robotech fighter. First in line is Maia Sterling's Shadow Fighter, fully transformable into three modes - Fighter, Guardian and Battloid - and featuring die-cast metal and plastic construction, an opening cockpit hatch with removable pilot, and retractable landing gear with authentic rubber tires. ' Each volume is restricted to a production run of 5,000, and is packaged in our trademark 'book-style' box with slide-out tray, allowing for safe storage and 'forever mint-in-box packaging.


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